Wormux 0.9.2

Open source version of Worms


  • Great cartoon graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Can be played over a network


  • Can be boring against CPU after a while
  • Can be confusing with so many characters on screen at once

Wormux is the open source version of the popular game of Worms except all of your favorite characters have been replaced by the mascots of Open Source programs such as the Linux penguin and the Firefox fox etc.

Wormux allows you to throw everything from cluster bombs, dynamite, grenades, bazookas and other weapons at the cute little mascots which run around like headless chickens in what is quite a fun 2D cartoon-style game. You can choose to join from a list of 15 teams but you only control a player of your choice such as the penguin or the fox.

For such a small game, it's impressive to see that you can also play across networks if you'd like to throw a cluster bomb at a friend playing in another location. The developers state that the ultimate aim of Wormux is "mass murder" and indeed, the winner usually ends up as the last man standing. However, you do soon get bored running around trying to kill other characters which won't die unless you land a direct hit.

Wormux is a beautifully presented and fun game that could be a lot of fun played against friends although against the computer you soon get bored.



Wormux 0.9.2

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